The Queen's County Amateur Radio Club is located in Nova Scotia, Canada


The September 2013 meeting will be held on September 15, 6:00 pm at the Golden Pond Restrauent.


NS Flag

Local Repeaters
 Lunenburg Co.  Queens Co.  Shelburne Co.
 VE1VL 147.090+  VE1VO 147.300+  VE1SCR 146.610-
 VE1LCA 146.685-  VE1KEJ 147.195+  VE1JBR 145.150-
 VE1LUN 147.330+  VE1BBY 147.360+  VE1JNR 146.880-
 VE1KIN 147.120+  VE1AVA 147.390+  VE1OPK 147.255+
 VE1DSR 145.290+  VE1AVA 444.300+  VE1KDE 443.800+
  D-STAR  VE1QW 147.030+  VE1BBC 444.275+

IRLP Codes for VE1KEJ
 88 - Plays the current status of the node
 30 - Plays the current Keji National Park conditions
 35 - Plays the current Halifax weather forecast
 40 - Plays the current Annapolis and Kings County weather forecast
 *69 - Plays audio about the most recent node calling in

This club supports the efforts of the Radio Amateurs of Canada organization.
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